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Providing Bespoke HR Support to Companies

We believe strongly in working in partnership with our clients by understanding your ambitions, attitude to risk, and your organization's culture. We then work towards ensuring that the HR support we provide matches these.

About iHR

iHuman Resource Consulting Ltd (iHR) is a limited liability company that was incorporated as a limited company in 2014 to provide bespoke HR support specifically to SMEs but has grown to provide a wider scope of HR Services to even bigger and more complex institutions and expanded services to include Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) not only at the workplace but in its entirety.

" Connecting People to Purpose "

HR Advisory Services

iHR provides professional HR management geared to assisting our clients to attract, inspire, motivate, manage, and reward the right people in their institutions

Outsourcing of Services

iHR offers staff outsourcing services within Kenya through our HR experts who perform selected or the entire spectrum of HR tasks, duties, responsibilities or roles...


We delight in having provided value to over 40 client organizations at one time or the other over the period in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

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