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Mistakes People Make when Making a Job Application

  1. Failing to follow the application procedure given. Read the application procedure thoroughly and follow the directions. If the company requires you to attach a cover letter with the application form, don’t forget to attach one. Should the company want you to take an online test in addition to filling out the application, make sure that you complete the test along with your submission.

  2. Failing to include a subject line when applying Human Resource managers do not have time to guess what your email is about and they receive hundreds if not thousands of them. Therefore, it is up to you as a job seeker to make sure that the subject of your email is known.

  3. Lack of a professional email address Many people never give a second thought when choosing a user name not knowing that it could deny them their dream job. Your email address should reflect professionalism. For example, emails such as will be a turnoff for most potential employers.

  4. Using poorly formatted Documents. Before making an application ensure that your documents are okay and do not have any formatting errors. The HR Manager does not have the time to rotate your Certificate when it is upside down. He/she is just going to move on to the next.

  5. Forwarding your CV. If you are supposed to make an application with only your CV, do not forward your CV. Compose a new email then attach your CV. When you forward your cv, the HR manager can see every other company you applied to.

  6. Using a poorly written CV. You should always tailor your resume to the job posting, you also need to make sure you’re customizing your cover letter to suit the job description. You should also ensure that your contact information is up to date. When you are being contacted by the HR Manager, he/she should be able to reach you.

  7. Poorly labelled CV and documents. When making a job application, always ensure that your CV is labelled properly eg Johnkinyua’s CV. This will make things easier for the HR Manager.

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